• What is vinyl decking?
    Vinyl decking is a poly-vinyl chloride sheet flooring system designed to waterproof your sundeck, while using attractive color patterns to please the eye.
    Vinyl decking is used for anything from single home sundecks, to new construction highrises and everywhere in between.

    Is there a warranty?
    All Sundeck Solutons products are covered by a minimum of a 5 year workmanship limited warranty, with an up to 15 year limited warranty on all Ultra decking products. Peace of mind knowing your products will perform.

    How long will our vinyls last?
    A Sundeck Solution surfaced deck can last 15-25 years, depending on location and care of the deck.

    Can Sundeck vinyls withstand harsh climate?
    Sundeck vinyl products are tested at temperatures ranging from -40° to 80° Celcius to ensure the product can be installed problem free anywhere in North America.
    We ensure that our vinyl line is always up to date with all testing required, with quarterly testing done to ensure our product performs properly in the field.

    How do I clean my Vinyl deck Surface?
    Cleaning a Sundeck vinyl surface is easy, using a mild soap solution and warm water, with a stiff bristled broom to loosen any dirt on the surface and rinse clean with a garden hose.

    Can I shovel Snow off of my new vinyl Surface?
    YES – using a plastic snow shovel or stiff broom you can easily remove snow from a vinyl surface.

    How much does vinyl Cost?
    Typically vinyl is priced by the square foot, as an installed product. There are many variables that effect pricing such as product thickness or pattern, job size, and job specific details. To learn more and receive an accurate free estimate click here.

    Does the vinyl decking have seams?
    Seams are the joining point for vinyl decking sheet goods. Some vinyl decking sheets run five feet wide some run six feet wide. Given your vinyl decking choice seams will appear approximately every 5 to 6 feet. The vinyl decking is fused together (welded) at the seam point using professional heat source tools. Seams are visible, they will appear as a slight raise in the vinyl and the edge of the seam may appear slightly glossy.

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